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Customer Profile

Madison Mast

Ron was raised in a Jewish household where his parents implemented traditional practices throughout his childhood. He was brought up with holidays like Passover and Hanukah, and had a reverence for the stories and rituals of these celebrations. However, as Ron grew older and began to establish his own faith, he discovered the story of Jesus and knew that he was a believer of this man. After converting to Christianity, he married a Christian woman, and together they started a family. Together, they decided that they would raise their children in the Christian faith. However, Ron’s Jewish background still played a significant role in the way that he viewed and practiced his faith, and so his wife and he desired to enlighten their children on the beauty and sanctity of Judaism. While they actively engage in their Christian culture, Jewish holidays are always celebrated in tandem. Ron is thankful for the beauty of tradition within his faith, because it has created a solid foundation for his family.

Ron utilizes Holly Jolly Jews products in his home during the Christmas/Hanukah season. The Star of David Tree Topper is an excellent way to incorporate the significance of the star symbol for both Jewish and Christian tradition. The Santa Menorah is a quirky and unique decoration addition, as well as an excellent conversation starter with houseguests. Ron is confident that Holly Jolly Jews will be his one place to shop for all of his family’s holiday celebrations.